Dear Mr. Risenhoover
I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and the crew at Advantage Glass for the work they provided us on the Schusterman Center Clinic. As you know, this facility has quite a lot of glass and complicated curtain wall system.
The folks at Advantage Glass were very helpful and accommodating during the Shop Review process and really helped REES with the coordination of the details.
I'm sure the clinic would not have the look it does without the help of Advantage Glass. Thanks again and good luck in the future.
Katheryn W. Potts
Vice President / Senior Project Manager
REES Associates, Inc.

Dear Barb
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the effort your organization made on the Glenpool Landmark Project. The glass installation was such an important aspect of the project and I realize it was not a typical project for you with all the custom fabrication required by the different shapes and sizes that needed to be worked into the derrick configuration. I especially wanted to thank you for your cooperation in returning to the site on more than one occasion to provide access through the glass system to service and repair the LED lights.
This was a unique project for all of us and something that we will look back on with pride in our involvement. Thank you for your participation.
Vic Thompson, Assoc. AIA
Senior Associate PSA Dewberry

Dear Mr. Risenhoover
I would like to say that it was a pleasure working with your company on the new Tulsa Arena. As you know, this facility has quite a lot of glass and a crucial deadline. The workmanship on this project was second to none. Your company was receptive to our questions and comments and your company always showed up ready to work. I look forward to working with your company on future projects.
John Van De Bogart
Tulsa Vision Builders

To Barb Risenhoover
The window replacement at Webster was a very difficult job. The existing single pain steel windows were replaced with aluminum storefront with 1" insulated glass. All classrooms and offices received one operable vent.
The windows were removed during the school year one classroom at a time. The crew worked closely with school officials to minimize the disturbance. The overall workmanship and quality throughout the job was great. I would recommend Advantage Glass for any project.
Chris Hudgins
Project Architect
Tulsa Public Schools

To Whom It May Concern
We at CCCA are pleased to have been on the job in Tulsa, Oklahoma as architects for Southern Hills Country Club. We have been working over the past several years preparing the club for the recently completed PGA Golf Tournament which was counted as a huge success.
Numerous subcontractors played a large role in working to complete their individual projects within the clubhouse in order to bring the club to a successful completion point for this important tournament. Chief among these firms is Adavntage Glass who was responsible for installing the glass in the truss and beam work in the new ballroom addition at the club. This difficult task entailed placing mirrored surfaces in elevated positions creating an illusion that one could see the entire length of the ballroom when in reality the ballroom might be divided in half. Those who have witnessed this design frequently are unaware of the clever installation because of the very professional work that was done by Advantage Glass.
We are proud to be architect on projects where we have such close relationships and fine workmanship involved. We would be happy to provide further information if contacted.
Sincerly Yours,
James P. Chapman, AIA
Chairman & CEO
Chapman Coyle Chapman & Associates
Architects AIA, Inc.

Dear Mr. Risenhoover
I would like to commend your firm for the excellent storefront and curtain wall glazing installation on Helmerich Advanced Technology Center. Two of the main features of the facility are the large 2-story glass atrium at the entrance of the facility and the second floor vertical silicone-glazed windows. The workmanship for these areas was first-rate and contributed to thee success of this important Vision 2005 facility.
I look forward to working with your firm in the future.
Greg Markert, AIA
Project Manager

Mr. Risenhoover
I would like to say that it was a pleasure working with your company on the Koweta Indian Health Facility. This project contained several components which you had to install and all were done in a professional manner. The main feature of the building was the radius curtain wall on the north side of the building. With the glass and frames that you installed as the curtain wall along with the stone the north side turned out to be as it was intended. The workmanship on the clearstory windows and the numerous office windows was second to none. Your company was always receptive to our questions and comments and your company always showed up ready to work. I look forward to working with your company on another project.
Zac Tenison
Project Engineer
Flintco Constructive Services

To Whom It May Concern
I would like to congratulate Advantage Glass on their successful completion of the glass and glazing portion of the Oklahoma Heart Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Advantage was an important member of the team of sub-contractors assembled by the general Contractor, Flintco, to implement the project.
Oklahoma heart Institute was a very challenging project in many aspects:
- Fixed Owner budget and schedule
- Maintaining access to the existing hospital at all times
- The Heart Institute was built on a sloping site
- Working within and adding to existing structures with minimal disruption to a functioning cancer center
- Various weather delays (2007)
Thank you for the opportunity to recognize Advantage Glass's efforts on the Oklahoma Hear Institute.
Thomas L. Atwell, AIA
Senior Construction Administrator
WHR Architects, Inc.