Tulsa Paper Company West

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Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center

Advantage Glass, Inc. had several hurdles to overcome on the Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center project including, but not limited to, tight scheduling and engineering for blast proof windows in several different types of substrates we had to anchor in.

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Tulsa Bone & Joint

This project was a large scale project with lots of exposure. The high visibility of the project demanded a tight schedule and strict safety procedures.

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TU Performing Arts Center

The TU Performing Arts Center featured a large dimension curtain wall with a custom painted finish.

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Will Rogers High School

The Will Rogers High School Window Replacement project was a challenging and exciting project.

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Glenpool Conference Center

The Glenpool Conference Center consisted of structural silicone glazed curtain walls and window walls.

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OSU Science & Technology Center

Located in the historic Greenwood district, the OSU Science & Technology Center was built to reflect the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

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BOK Center Interior Glass Wall

Located inside the Bok Center is a unique, free standing structural fin wall with herculite doors.

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Hillcrest Heart

The Helmerich Heart Hospital is a stunning new addition the Hillcrest Medical Facility along Utica Ave.

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B.A. Performing Arts Center

The Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center was one of Advantage Glass's more challenging projects.

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