Hillcrest Heart Hospital

The Helmerich Heart Hospital is a stunning new addition the Hillcrest Medical Facility along Utica Ave. A tower of glass lights up as the hospital's beacon is completely encircled by insulated glass and custom fabricated 7 1/2 inch thick curtain wall. A completely custom serpentine wall envelops the south side of the hospital. Using steel clips welded into place and spade mullions, this curtain wall has the appearance of bending around the building.

A structural silicone caulking was used to allow the glass to follow the curves and allow for a continuous curtain wall from end to end. Special silicone glazed insulated glass was used for this project to protect the glass from damaging UV rays. Spandrel glass as well as insulated floating glass was also used to complete this project. The 7 1/2 inch thick curtain wall has the custom Hillcrest green and ivory finish to match the existing buildings of the Hillcrest Medical Complex.

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